Monday, October 20, 2014

Kindle Hog

So, Mary and I were sitting in bed the other day watching Netflix on our Kindles (yes, she has her own because she kept stealing mine). Sometimes I get a severe urge to watch kid shows, so I'll satisfy that urge for a few minutes by watching shows over her shoulder. Well, she was having none of that, that day.

I looked over at her show (My Little Pony's) for maybe 15 seconds, I didn't even say anything, and she looked at me out of the corner of her eye and let out the biggest sigh, then rolled over so I couldn't watch it. A few minutes later she rolled back over, so I peeked at her show again, she looked at me and rolled over again! The only thing I could think was WTF? She must have really not wanted to be on her side, so she went back to her back, well just to prove to myself that she was being a little A-hole, I looked again and what did she do? No, she didn't roll over, she got smart about it. She just took her Kindle off her lap and put it to the side of her, so her body was blocking it throughly from my view.

This event transpired within 15 minutes and no words passed between us, but you can bet when I called my husband later, I ratted her out for being such a brat, all he could do was laugh. I mean it was damn funny, but hell I can't get over what a little A-hole she was.

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