Monday, December 30, 2013

Mary wants to be...

Mary's goals in life are to be a chef, doctor, and to ride horses...I wonder whose motivation she's inherited, certainly wasn't mine

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

"Mary" Christmas

Mary and I were in the car when a Christmas song came on, where the singer said Merry Christmas. From the back seat Mary exclaims, "That's right I am Mary and it is Christmas!"

She also loves to yell, "Christmas L-I-I-I-GHTS!" every time we pass a house that has Christmas lights on.

I love how she's able to make me smile just a little bit, during this Bahumbug Christmas, I'm only excited for Christmas for her and I'm glad she's young enough to where she doesn't know that she's missing out on a lot of family this year *insert pitty party here*

Friday, December 13, 2013

Do I really sound like that?

Sometimes when you listen to your kids play talk with their toys, you're just like, "Shit, do I really sound like that much of an asshole when I say that stuff to her?"

Mary's talking to her dolls and it goes as follows:

"Doll"- "Wa, Wa, Wa" She's making the doll cries by the way
Mary- "Stop crying or you're going to bed"
"Doll"- "Wa, Wa, Wa"
Mary- "Stop crying or you're going to bed, we had a good time now you're ruining it"

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Shelburne Museum

Mary and I had a great time making snowflake ornaments and snow-globes at the Deck the Halls event at the Shelburne Museum. Thanks Find and Go Seek for the free passes!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So, as my family knows I named my daughter, Mary, after my grandmother, who was just all around a great person who died of pancreatic cancer. Please no apologies, I'm a detached person and don't deal with niceties well, I turn into that awkward kid that just hit puberty in the hallway and doesn't know what to say next because there are fifty people staring at them... Hey I'm seeing a psychologist for my issues, alright?

Anyway, a perk of her having that name I've found out, besides me always having a reminder of my grandmother, is that when I get really upset and just can't hold my tongue and "Jesus Christ, Mary" slips out of my mouth (no it's not that often, so don't judge, o and don't judge me for "taking the lords name in vain" or whatever either), I always have to finish it with "and Joseph," which almost instantly takes me out of the foul mood I was just put in.

It's actually pretty funny to witness, since I break out into semi giggles after getting pissed off. Then things go back to hunky-dory.

Moral of the story...taking the lords name in vain makes me laugh. No, I'm just kidding before you go all "you're going to hell you satanic bitch" insert waving a bible and cross. The real moral of the story is when you get angry, make light of yourself, find something that will drag you out of that angry place, it's not worth it and you have better things to do, like cuddling up with your baby and making the moments last.

Things I've posted on Facebook

Here are some things I've posted on Facebook. I'm writing them down here because remember Facebook isn't forever and this blog will be so full of awesomeness that it will last til the end of time, so I may be a little delusional...ssshhh, don't tell anyone.

I'm scrolling through Facebook now, wow I post a lot of stupid shit. Still scrolling, okay maybe I don't post as much stuff about Mary on there as I thought...

On My Mary Way Through Parenthood

HI! My name is Lindsey, I'm a introverted extrovert (I like people, but I really don't), I'm a stay at home mom, and I hate wine. So, yay, it's not another one of those mommy blogs about mommy's dealing with life with a glass of wine and cute little quips.

Nope, I created this blog, not to garner attention from others (I have my other blog for that, even though I don't get a whole lot of attention there), hell I'll be surprised if my family even looks at this, I created it for my daughter Mary and myself.

I have the memory of a dead squirrel, no truly it's atrocious, I can sit down to do something and immediately forget what I was doing. It's a horrible thing and what I'm really afraid of, is not being able to remember Mary's childhood, I don't want to forget all the funny things she does and says and while I post them on Facebook, lets face it people Facebook is going to phase out eventually and all will be lost, no not all will be lost because Facebook is gone, I mean all my stupid little Facebook posts that I make will be gone and I wrote some funny shit. Okay, it's not funny to everyone, mainly me, okay mostly me, I'm the type of person that laughs hysterically until I'm in tears at my own jokes.

So anyway this blog is for Mary and I, not you, I mean hey if you want to read it go for it, I'll try to be my funny cynical self, but remember us not you, I'm selfish that way.