Wednesday, December 4, 2013

On My Mary Way Through Parenthood

HI! My name is Lindsey, I'm a introverted extrovert (I like people, but I really don't), I'm a stay at home mom, and I hate wine. So, yay, it's not another one of those mommy blogs about mommy's dealing with life with a glass of wine and cute little quips.

Nope, I created this blog, not to garner attention from others (I have my other blog for that, even though I don't get a whole lot of attention there), hell I'll be surprised if my family even looks at this, I created it for my daughter Mary and myself.

I have the memory of a dead squirrel, no truly it's atrocious, I can sit down to do something and immediately forget what I was doing. It's a horrible thing and what I'm really afraid of, is not being able to remember Mary's childhood, I don't want to forget all the funny things she does and says and while I post them on Facebook, lets face it people Facebook is going to phase out eventually and all will be lost, no not all will be lost because Facebook is gone, I mean all my stupid little Facebook posts that I make will be gone and I wrote some funny shit. Okay, it's not funny to everyone, mainly me, okay mostly me, I'm the type of person that laughs hysterically until I'm in tears at my own jokes.

So anyway this blog is for Mary and I, not you, I mean hey if you want to read it go for it, I'll try to be my funny cynical self, but remember us not you, I'm selfish that way.

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