Wednesday, December 4, 2013


So, as my family knows I named my daughter, Mary, after my grandmother, who was just all around a great person who died of pancreatic cancer. Please no apologies, I'm a detached person and don't deal with niceties well, I turn into that awkward kid that just hit puberty in the hallway and doesn't know what to say next because there are fifty people staring at them... Hey I'm seeing a psychologist for my issues, alright?

Anyway, a perk of her having that name I've found out, besides me always having a reminder of my grandmother, is that when I get really upset and just can't hold my tongue and "Jesus Christ, Mary" slips out of my mouth (no it's not that often, so don't judge, o and don't judge me for "taking the lords name in vain" or whatever either), I always have to finish it with "and Joseph," which almost instantly takes me out of the foul mood I was just put in.

It's actually pretty funny to witness, since I break out into semi giggles after getting pissed off. Then things go back to hunky-dory.

Moral of the story...taking the lords name in vain makes me laugh. No, I'm just kidding before you go all "you're going to hell you satanic bitch" insert waving a bible and cross. The real moral of the story is when you get angry, make light of yourself, find something that will drag you out of that angry place, it's not worth it and you have better things to do, like cuddling up with your baby and making the moments last.

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