Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Go Clean Your Room...

It's usually a constant battle with Mary to go clean her room/keep it picked up, like most kids. She's actually pretty good about it, after I ask her a few times she'll go in and pick up. Lately though, she gives me the "Let's pick it up together" line or the "I can't pick it up by myself" line; my reply is always, "You took out all of these toys, you can put them back."

Well today I "walked" (it's in quotations because I couldn't get past the door with the mine field of toys) and told Mary to go pick up her room. She actually listened the first (or was it second?) time I asked her and she goes in. After 30 seconds I hear her say, "I don't know why I have to pick up all this stuff," I'm in the other room and reply "because you made the mess, so you have to pick it up" Mary's reply? "Okay, but I was just talking to myself."

I just bust out laughing, she wasn't complaining to me, she was complaining to herself...Atta girl!

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